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Irresponsible protesting


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I'm sure most of you have read about the drunken Santas that apparently wanted to "protest the commercialization of Christmas."


What pisses me off is if you have a message, say it but don't make trouble for people. If you want to protest, don't block traffic (which affects everyone) by lying across the ground etc. If you want to burn yourself to make a statement fine, that's your choice. As soon as you do stupid things involving other people that piss them off, don't be surprised if they rip your head of.


I suppose vigilanteism and assault is bad (dragging/kicking the road blockers off the street) but damn, they still have the gall to pretend to be the victims.

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Great Quote, Wintersun.


At first I thought they were disgruntled Christians, although stealing beer and soda doesn't sound very Christian. I read the article, though, and the only group they supposedly represent was "Santarchy?" What the hell?

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Drunken riots are the best :blink:

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Yes, for the most part but then there is Viesha. Get 20,000 students wanting to party, unrestricted beer drinking an sload of bars, then add in overreacting police officiers you have yourself a riot in the making. It just wouldn't take too much.


Viesha has been known for riots and the occasional murder. Fun stuff.

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On year during Halloween my friends and I were among the many to get tear gassed on 6th street. 6th street is like the drunken disney world here in Austin.

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All I know is Santarchs is the coolest name for a prostesting group of Santas against Christmas evar!


Also we never get any good riots up here in the foothills, we're always too busy being nice to each other and such, what with the hippies from SoCal that moved up here when it got all populated, and the Bible Thumping Conservatives. It's amazing really, the way we coexist considering the split is about 50/50, nobody getting upset at each other, everyone just being decent and such. They way peoples on the internet and the TV talk, we should be at each other's throats.


Also, Grass Valley/Nevada City has the highest concentration of Bookstores in the US. Knowledge for everyone! Except the rednecks, because they're kind of crazy.

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