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Star Wars: Empire at War, New hands on preview


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No, I mean like a Hero unit.


It's almost like an RPG character, but in RTS mode.


What WC3 stole... errr... tried to do and failed.


Unlike the 1337 unit you get in WC3, the Hero (while VERY versitile based on what race/class and skills you take.. plus equipment :) ) is either very powerful or pretty weak depending on how you build it... but it's never an "uber" unit, and can still get taken down by a horde.


It's something to supplement your game, not replace your army.

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::salivates:: I want this...so...so very much. And the create-a-hero thing sounds great! (They're doing it in Battle for Middle Earth II as well)

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Ya, but it's hard to bet against the people who made all the classic original Command & Conquer games



Maybe we can harvest Ewoks to build units?



actually, their using a Rebellion type of money generation, hence no harvesting ewoks.


But you can exploit a planets population by using them as "shock troops" aka cannon fodder

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I've never been a huge fan of resource managment in RTS games.


I prefer RTS games now where you don't have to worry about those things anymore.  Perhaps I've just outgrown them but I find it way to micromanaging.


You would looooooove MOO3



How this game works tho, apparently, is that you take over a planet. You then can build buildings to take advantadge of that systems resources. Not sure if you have to allocate labor or something, but money should just roll in till something (enemy fleet) stops those funds.

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