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How do I defeat Kreia ?


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Do you have force lightning by any chance?

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I am now stuck fighting Kreia. Does anyone know how to defeat her ?


No. I think I may have made a mistake auto level raising. I guess I should have more powers. I only have stun, wave and scream.



You should have more powers than that... ;) You should have Force Enlightenment at least, as Kreia gives you that power at Dantooine...but failing that, use lots of stimulants, verpine shields etc, if you have any, and just keep running away from her, hide behind pillars to charge your life up...Works for LS, lol



Are you playing LS or DS?

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What level are you on?


What class are you?


You should be on about level 24 or 23 to defeat her.


Use stims, shields, and what force powers you have.


You must have more force powers than that check the force powere screen in the menu to see what powers you have.


For future reference don't autolevel up.

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On the first part of the fight, use force resistance if you have it, plus any stims, medpacs and stuff you need to get through the battle. In the second part with the lightsabres, run around the centre circle until you have them seperated, then take them one at a time, using force heal between each battle. Alternatively, try and lose all of them, and attack Traya in the centre - she's helpless at this point, if i remember right.

Personally I just repeatedly used Force Storm (If Lightside) or Force Crush (If Darkside), but seeing as you don't have either, it calls for different tactics.

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Well, the strategy that I use no matter what class I am is to always have a Verpine Prototype shield equipped. Also, you can use an attack and activate a shield/use a stim/medpac if you attack, then quickly pause the game right after your attack, then go to the inventory and use whatevger shield/medpac/stim you want. (Sorry if you already knew this.)

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Activate Hyper adrenal strength, hyper adrenal alacrity and Echani hyper battle stimulant. They last for 120 seconds. (Assuming that you may not have Force Enlightenment)

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Use the Boy Scout motto of "be prepared."


Use one of each Hyper Adrenal stimulant. Each of these last for a good long two minutes.


Equip and activate your best shield. Given that you will be at a fairly high level at the end, you should have a lot of Verpine Prototype shields in your inventory, or at least Echani Duelling shields, or regular Echani shields. Keep reactivating them when she wears you down.


If the auto-level was smart (snicker) enough to select Energy Resistance as a power, then use it. This lasts for 2 minutes as well.


Whatever combat feats the computer may have selected, you may as well use them (Critical Strike, Power Attack or Flurry).


If you get whittled down to low health, pause the game, access your inventory screen, and use a Life Support Kit from your inventory. This will heal you a good bit without you having to waste a turn.

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Force lightning and force wave work wonders against her lightsabers later on. Before you even talk to her set up a bunch of mines for her to walk into, once you start to fight her. Whenever I fight her I just use melee attacks on her and don't even bother with force powers. She seems resistent to them.

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