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Robes: Is it worth it?

do you use jedi robes at all?  

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  1. 1. do you use jedi robes at all?

    • Yes
    • Yes, all the time
    • Some times
    • Half and Half
    • No, rarely
    • No, never
    • No, never put it on, always sell them

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Played first time round in robes, second time round in the Zeison Sha armour (just to see if there was much difference), and now I am wondering about third time round...probably back to robes...


I did think that the KOTOR 1 robes looked far neater...and they looked better from the back, and face it, you have to see your characters back view constantly, KOTOR2 robes seemed to have this, well, floaty feel :rolleyes:

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^My thoughts exactly :-


It's always robes for me, unless of course i am using a ranged weapon with my PC against lots of other ranged enemies, in which case ill use armor. Otherwise its usually robes like Matukai apprentice(?) robe or Jedi Knight robes :wub:.

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The good thing about armor is it fits nicely on a female Exile as she is running in the game. But I prefer robes so I am not restricted by what Forces powers you can use.

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