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Haven't done much Kotor sketches lately... been doing work and some other doodles... but here's what I did recently..



Random face studies... there's Disciple, Atton and Visas (based on the socketless one from the Tales series) and a random chick...



Just sketching a clueless Disciple... for fun...

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Did some new stuff... here are two sketches I did...



Bastila Shan, looking all pissed off



The meeting between my Female Exile and my Male Revan


And now, a little comic strip about Female Exile asking Kreia at the end about her future with the male members of the Kotor crew... inspired by a comic strip by DinJerr from the Exile book and special thanks to Aimo for helping out with ideas...






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Ha ha ha ha ha, anyways, I actually forgot that I did draw some Kotor related art recently that I haven't updated here. I've been doing work and non-Kotor related art so much, I forgot.



A sweet one with Exile and her child who is most probably Atton-born.



Started drawing in a more cartoony style recently.



Really liking it...


And now, the piece de masterpees!



Carth-haters rejoice! I have now come out and revealed myself, ha ha ha ha!! (this was done mainly as a joke, though, not to show off Carth-hating)

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For more art made by the artist who also posted here at the boards:



Kyla Carth




(and this list, stolen from Sentry here)

Heck :blink: , while i'm at it, I might as well link to some other artists that used to post here...

Other talented artists at kotorfanmedia.com:

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