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I was thinking about how Atton can be made DS in kotor 2 but how you never got the chance to make Carth DS in kotor 1. It would've been so interesting to be able to turn him... or perhaps what if he couldn't handle his emotions and actually became dark if Revan got killed in the Outer Rim?



Sort of turned out creepy, I guess...?


I'm more partial to this one though since I worked more in contrasts and tone to stylize it:


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I did this one just today, but I'm a bit too lazy to ink/color it at the moment....

definitely one for the ladies (or some men :D ):




This is really the only full-color art I'll be able to do for a while (have to stop drawing KOTOR stuff and actually do my assignments :devil: ), but I made a little desktop wallpaper for all my fellow Carth and Atton fangirls... or hey, guys might like it too.


It comes in two varieties:





and regular color



:sigh: I wish Carth could've been a jedi...


In any case, I have a larger version of the two-toned one on my desktop at the moment. ^_^


Just to prove I love Atton, I've prepared a manga wallpaper for any other Atton lovers out there:



It could kinda work as a 2 page comic spread, but I'm not working on an Atton story, so there goes that. <_<


I've been really inspired by the wonderful sketches lately, and I was thinking about Atton's cut death scene (well who hasn't?). I thought wouldn't it be interesting if Atton's death put Exile over the edge and made her go all DS, wanting revenge? Sort of like Anakin in AOTC...


So I did a little quick sketch (well had to be quick since it's 3 am and I'm tired :)):



my Exile model there... :p

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Yeahhh, I'm starting my own sketches thread... it might not be as good as Aimo's, but hey, this is to satisfy those asking for more Visas and Handmaiden.



Male Exile being very gentlemanly to Visas and letting her in the Ebon Hawk while the Handmaiden looks on... looks on with... jealousy?



One of the plot cuts where Handmaiden turned to the dark side and fights with Visas



"I knew there's a good reason why there was security cameras in here" said the Exile



"Uh oh... did she see me? No way, this camera's hidden" *POW*



As the Exile goes on his search for Revan, he got some "Space postcards" from his... loves...



Since I did the Visas vs Handmaiden thing, I figure it's just fair to show the Atton vs Disciple part though I apologise for Disciple's big nose... i didn't realise I goofed that up until AFTER I scanned it in.



Just a little fun-fun thing where the girls went to Jek Jek Tar for a girl's night out... Kreia went to the toilet to "freshen up" (Edit: Fixed it to the cantina instead)



Thought the guys might like this, Mira taking off her jacket after a busy day full of missions with the exile.


And finally, the continuation to the "camera" comic strip.


big thanks to Firera, a poster in another Kotor 2 forum that game me the idea for this one...

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New sketches:



As I mentioned, I'm gonna draw one drawing where I took my time and this is the one, featuring the two characters who will NEVER team-up in the game. I uhhh... don't like how Disciple's face turned out though...



A lot of people commented on how much they liked the darkness of the Atton vs Disciple pic, so that gave me the inspiration to do an imaginary Dark Side ending of the game... this'll never happen, of course, but it's fun to imagine.



And finally, the third of the Camera Strips series, featuring female Exile.

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Just being sick about Atton coming up constantly with his pazaak. Hope ya like!


Here are Carth and Revan, during one of those typical scenes were Carth puts an end to the discussion because he's fed up arguing. And then you have to play for about five or six hours before you get a chance to speak to him again... Darn Carth.



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Thanks for tha comments!


Well, I'll let you choose who's the sexiest... darth fluffy down there is an allusion to a character owned by Exile on the unofficial forums. Me likes him. Me crazy about Atton. Me in love with Carth... Me not know what to do...



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Well, inspired by somethings, I did a very VERY cheeky Mira fanart... I'm not really sure if it's work safe or not, cos you really can't see anything much from it, but it's still very cheeky... so, hey, if the Devs don't lock this thread or delete it for such a daring fanart, enjoy ^o^ Well... it's not THAT daring, but yanno what I mean...


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Ok, this is Revan, but I like to imagine dark siders having a gothic looking style... Could be interesting to draw the other characters that way!

Oh, and yes, she has some kind of light"dagger" because there wasn't enough space on my sheet of paper. And I suck at drawing lightsabers and guns and stuff...



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Thanks, I cleaned up the collage a bit... shrunk Atton's head a bit (And gave him an expression more suited for him) to give more space to Disciple so that he can give more space to Bao... added Hanharr, Atris and Revan and took out the Star Destroyer wannabe...



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