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help with linux shell script


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how could i write a shell script that will recursively descend through a directory structure, checking all entry names for spaces, and when a name is encountered that contains one or more spaces, replace each space with an underscore character? if anyone can help me, i will post a smilie in your honour. :thumbsup:

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Not that I can help, but hello Mr Pantsworth.

kirottu said:
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Guest Fishboot

Perhaps this is good evidence that no one in this video game developer fan forum is a competent nix shell script writer? I would have known a couple of years ago, or at least I would have known where to look to get an answer, but I stopped working with them and I've forgotten it all. I would think you would need to know a bit about the ls command (how to ls the nth file in a directory, basically) and how to pick out spaces from a string (I might do that in a slightly more sophisticated programming language like fortran or C rather than in-shell). So you feed the nth filename into a small program that puts the string into an array and then have a while loop that switches all of the empty cells into underscores, then send the new string back to the shell script to use with a rename command on the original file (using the mv program, I think?). There's probably a way to do it all in-shell but I don't know it.

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