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Themes & ideas for KOTOR3


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KOTOR3 should resemble the first game in many respects that made it compelling and rich about the star wars universe. I think the idea of a space battle sounds an interesting idea but will it make the game better? It should not take away from what is an RPG. If you want space battles buy Battlefront 2! The game cries for excitement which captivates the gamer into the star wars unvierse and either path you choose should be enjoyable and different - LS different to DS.


The themes:


1. Main story plot


- Darth Revan & Malak had offspring and bringing balance to the galaxy lies in your hands played by Male/Female of Revan. The main Sith Lords are Malaks Son and his Master (not the father but at the start of the game you are made to believe that it is because the opening cut scene sees the scene of EP3 Anakin turning to Sith "Rise my new apprentice").


- Malaks son blames your for the events in KOTOR1 and wants revenge against you (you were his best friend) and the Jedi!


- Your role is to learn the force, learn how to wield a lightsaber and most importantly learn the truth about your father Revan as to why the Jedi exiled him and why the Sith are trying to kill you and who is masterminding the rise of the Sith.


- You think the Sith Separtist is Malaks Master but is not - its someone else!!!! He/She helps you but after all you choose what happens to Coruscant - if DS you cannot destroy the elected DS Chancellor! (It would be too similar to EP3).

2. Main character


- Prestige classes and reputation can be gained. For example bounty hunter presitge, jedi prestige (levels of a jedi from padawn to Jedi knight) and pilot prestige (2nd world you have to do a no of protection missions and destroy enemy fighters). All this shapes your character in the galaxy as you seek worlds people will respond to you.

- His body shape changes as grow deeper into the force depending on your alignment - as you learn toughness levels your body should reflect that.

- Temptation to DS - the population of worlds should be killable just like in Fable and will regenerate. If your LS & want to kill them a dialogue will appear warning you but you go ahead and your character will react guilty.

- Your decisions really do impact the galaxy and those of your party! Bastilla once was a Sith so she could train you if you follow DS path and influence her to join you.


3. Worlds and why?


- Tatooine (introdution level)- game starts here & looks quite similar to KOTOR1 & EP1. DS points can be gained here. Mos Espa ( learn how to combat, use weapons to gain skills class and enter pod racing), Mos Eisley spaceport - bounty hunter missions (objective for this level to get off planet to find a smuggler who has a ship), Jundland wastes - Tusken camp to free slaves by either LS means or DS means. Hutts Palace (available the 2nd time you visit to overthrow the leader LS quest & dark jedi), Jedi Knight dwelling (could be Bastilla and she gives you a number of tests to prove if you have what it takes to become a jedi like your father. You become her Padawn. She realises the force in you and that your Revans offspring.


- Corellia (solos homeworld) - forests, fields and seas. Perfect!

* 2nd world. Some Bounty hunters live here and are after you! (DS can be gained)

* Home of pirates so a no of quests would involve defeating evil Pirates Trade Org there - understand about Sith

* Recruit bounty hunter to party.

* Quest to uncover the truth about a mysterious new powerful vessel that was ordered at KOTOR1 but purchased forcefully at end of KOTOR2. Was Revan r Malak involved?

* Gain Pilot Prestige (fly x-wing) by performing a no of quests to protect republic convoys - defeat as many sith fighters as possible


- Ithor coz ithorians have such an understanding of the force and thats where Revan went to grow stornger in the force but you have to rid the planet of the sith that have conveniently landed when you have. LS & DS points can be gained here.

* Defeat Sith Lord - Malaks apprentice.


- Coruscant the most important world in the game. Go here twice - 1st from 2nd world to train as jedi and after Dantooine mission and Kyp Durron Jeid Knight joins your party.

* Lots of quests to do here but I'l highlight the most crucial ones.

* Everything here determines everything for LS & DS. Game revolves around Coruscant. Here you learn to become a jedi by going to the Jedi temple and accepting various tests from such as Force tests ( results in Final test depending on your presitge and exp) and Lightsaber tests (results in Final test to defeat one of the Jedi) to graduate as a Jedi Knight with the goal of becoming a Jedi Master choosing Guardian, Sentinel or Consular. You then go to Dantooine. You progress to Jedi Master depending on your LS alignment, exp and Jedi prestige. N.B. once your a jedi you can then choose to go sith.

* You can enter Jedi archives to learn more about Revan & Malak

* Main LS quest involves overthrowing the Black Sun criminal org (this is from 'Shadows of the Empire' & exists on this planet) and establishing a good org in its place. This means going to Falleen world to overthrow the evil Prince who helped Lord Malak in KOTOR1 & knew Darth Revan and knows info on Malaks Son.

* Main theme here is to choose the outcome of the galaxy and which side to choose after you have become a jedi, gone to 2nd world and Dantooine. Elect LS jedi chancellor and defeat the DS sith chancelloror or elect DS sith chancellor.

* Due to your alignment if going DS and have chossen DS path you can enter the Sith Temple & the Chancellor (knows Sith teachings - Sith Separtist ) teaches u the Sith arts & teaches u power of DS. He/she commands you to go to Jedi temple and destroy the Jedi padawans and 1 Jedi Coucnil Knight (the remainng 4 have fled). After that you gain Sith Prestige level up to choose Sith Lord Path but you must go to Falleen to find lost jedi (Sith).


- Falleen - underwater quests - evil Prince of Black Sun political leader feeds on the poor. Main aim is to overthrow him and blow up his skyhook resort - Falleen Fist. THis is where you defeat him and tells you secrets of a new Sith weapon - a galaxy gun that can wipe out anything used from the StarForge crystals found on Ossus (once was a Jedi kingdom but now wastelands thanks to Malaks son)

* One of main quests is to solve a murder involving the good Hutt & the evil Prince. (Black Sun defeated & you can visit Tatooine to enter Jabba's Palace LS and defeat the evil Hutt so the good Hutt is now in charge.

* Find a Jedi (Sith regardless if you are LS) who will join your party & will help you train to achieve title of Sith Lord because he/she once was a powerful Sith but got expelled and was in hiding until you showed up. He/she lets you know something about your Master

* Establish a new leader for Falleen LS or DS.


- Dantoine whats new! 3or4th world- No Jedi enclave just remains of what once was!

The Jedi Council on Coruscant have intercepted a transmission for help as one of the Jedi Order members dies to the hands of the Sith Lord. The idea is 2 factions 1 LS the other DS. LS is the govt organisation and the DS are Beast Rider Renegades who are running wild lead by chieftain who wants power overthrowing the govt (situations have changed on Onderon and have sought out the remote Dantooine). As a Jedi you have to choose which side and discover who is behind this - this is the first important decision to make. This idea is basically taken from history of Ulic Qel Droma Jedi Knight (expanded star wars universe as mentioned in the games).

* Juhani's hut where she explains about Darth Revan who changed and saved her from DS hence why she is dying & shows a Jedi technique that boosts your jedi prestige increaing your use of the force and exp.


- Korriban - Sith world rebuilt. You face Sith Lords & Malak here .

* Reason why Exar Kun tomb was looted was it has moved to Yavin 4 (hidden world) were the forgotten Sith temples were and his DS spirits are submerged into the Massassi temples.

* Excavation work from KOTR2 now reveals a hidden tomb - Darth Revans tomb. Here you face dark jedis & find Darth Revans robes & sith mask (depends on your DS alignment of Sith Lord & people will respond in fear to you especially Sith Lords).

* Revans mediation chamber only available to Sith Lord - this gives you 1000 exp and big no of force points whilst making more powerful.

Sith Academy similar to KOTR1 to understand why Revan was here & to find StarForge holocorn.


- Yavin 4 hidden world - sith temples here and a new Sith academy. New army!

* Involves you defeating ancient spirit of Exar Kun who Malak used to summon his dark powers and destroying deflector shield.

*Board Sith fleet and defeat Sith Master who tries to recruit you - Yes means defeating him in lightsaber battle & Malak to become his No2 ( you can lie if you have a wisdom and blow up his shr be greedy and say No defeat him and Malak.


- Ruusan hidden world - Valley of Jedi - was battleground between Jedi & Sith. Maybe in this game?!

* Face Malak & defeat him & learn everything.

* Find Control base quite like Mustafar to find co-ordiantes of the His Masters ship and press detonater button to blow up the ship.


3. Characters -

* 6 members of Jedi council including Master Yoda, Jolee from KOTOR1, K'Kruhk from expanding universe who is a whipid awesome creature powerful Jedi who could be found on Corellia.

Bastilla is in game as playable character. Her alignment depends on you. Eg if your pointer moves from LS - DS she will question you. Here you do you battle with her but if you win and high persuade you can influence her to join the Sith.


Of course better robes and sith masks such as Malaks (KOTOR1, Darth Mauls EP1) and you can become more machine iy you wish!








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