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Red Crystal

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Crystals (except for an orange on Korriban and a Silver/Viridian in Onderon) are random...


And lets not forget the Silver lightsber crystal you are guaranteed to be able to buy from Geeda (in the New Trade Routes sidequest) on Nar Shaddaa after "liberating" Dantooine... unless you sided with Oondar. (Which is usually not a good move, lightsaber-upgrade-wise)


Try Adum Larp's shop in Khoonda on Dantooine. Every time I've been to him he's had a red lightsaber crystal in stock. If not though, go to the Scavenger's "settlement" near the Jedi Enclave ruins and talk to the blackish/grey haired lady in the Durasteel Heavy Armor (can't remember her name off-hand) and she'll sell you Jedi artifacts, which she usually has a nice variety of color crystals, so try those and you should find one no problem.

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