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Importing Games


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I'm looking forward to Farenheit/Indigo Prophecy, but I don't really care much for the editting that is going to be done for the US release (apparently sex = bad), plus the UK release will be DVD, and I prefer DVDs over CDs.



So how and where would I go about importing the UK DVD version if I were to decide to import?


What sort of wait times can I expect too?


I also live in Canada, not that I think that would make much difference.




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It's probably not legal to buy it from Canada directly, for various reasons including the fact that it hasn't gone through Canada's game/film classification system. Vendors like Amazon may actually block a direct purchase. On the other hand, if you have family or friends in the UK, you could easily get them to buy it and then mail it to you as a gift - that I think would be legal. I could do it myself if I'm still in the country around that time (for a small fee, of course :rolleyes:" ). That said, movie DVDs are region coded, and Canada and the UK are in different zones - I have no idea whether this would affect DVD-ROM.

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Being an Aussie, I import most of my titles rather than wait for them to be published here (and to get titles that don't exist here).


So...I can't speak about US/Canadian stuff but I've never had a problem. I use shop.game.net for most of my UK orders and they take about 4 days -- can't imagine it would be longer for Canada. As EnderWiggin said, there's no CSS for data DVDs. You might have to pay attention to patch versions (UK or Euro patch instead or US patch) from time to time but that's about it.

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Bah. I hate it when Canadian media get censored releases not necessarily because Canadian ratings boards themselves are more strict than any given foreign one but merely because a single North American release which agrees with American standards regarding obsenity is the most logistically sensible approach for any distributor.

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I think John Cleese was right in annexing America. We have serious problems with censorship. Course Austraila is worse, no offence to the aussies here.

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I will get the lewd, depraved version we have here in swedenland, and then I'll offer it up to passerby kids in an effort to corrupt them and give their souls to Satan while they are still young! And then I'll drink lots of Red Bull. Boo-yah!


You should all watch this movie and repent before it's too late!




(note: even though SA is usually not work-safe, this review is)

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