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What are some good coop PC games?


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My roommate and a few of my friends love playing coop games. I was wondering what ones you guys know of. They don't have to be more than two people, but if I can play somehow through some sort of campaign mode with a friend, it usually makes the many times more enjoyable.


Recent games that I have played coop are:

  • Serious Sam (honestly one of the most enjoyable coop experiences ever)
  • Splinter Cell 3 (an excellent take on coop mode, with the players controlling a
  • pair of ninjas spies)
  • Duke Nukem 3D (yes....I'll still play this one coop simply because it's coop :D)
  • NWN
  • IWD
  • NOLF2 (an excellent coop mode, where you play UNITY agents that do missions parallel to what Cate has done). If something was given to Cate in a mission, it's your job to plant it there for when she comes by. If Cate has exfiltrated, then you guys go in and clean up the mess).

Games on the Radar for coop are Full Spectrum Warrior, and Sven Coop 2 (not yet released) but that's about it.


Any suggestions?

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I will recommend here my fav coop game. Soldiers: Heroes of WW2. Up to 4-player coop in a 'Commando' type of good. A good blend of 'RTS-like' gameplay mixed with a good dose of action. Kickbutt physics, an awesome cover system, very cool implementation of tanks. And very challenging. Definitely by far my fav coop game.


There is a demo available, but it's pretty difficult (but gets easier once you figure out how everything works), and it's singleplayer only. But, it should give you somewhat of an idea what the full game feels like.


EBgames sells it for 10 bucks US. A very good deal.


I wrote a rant long ago about it last Xmas when I had just gotten the game. My impressions of it have since gone up, since I managed to get 3 buddies to buy the game. We still play coop regularly. The 3 levels of difficulty are VASTLY different - we're still stuck on medium, and we're still playing with no fog of war. We'll be playing this game for a long long time.




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Er...Diablo/Diablo II? I guess...


I really only play cooperatively on consoles...

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World of Warcraft. :-

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Sacred has co-op (up to 8 players I think it was).

Delta Force has excellent co-op (used to play one as a sniper and one with close combat gear.. awesome).


Actually, I think most of Novalogic's games have co-op:



Swedes, go to: Spel2, for the latest game reviews in swedish!

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Hahaha, I really enjoyed the coop in Delta Force.


I played it with two friends, one was sniper, one had SAW, and one had M4 with M203.


It was good fun! Another example of a medicore game becoming fun simply because coop exists.

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"For all you Unreal Tournament fans out there, this is a must for you! Try it out right now!" (sic): Istagib: Source brings the fast-paced, adrenaline inducing and competitive game of instagib to the Half-Life 2 engine. It features not only graphical improvements, such as a shiny new weapon model and cool beam effects, but also the fun physics diversion of sending stray objects flying into the sky or at your enemies.




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