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Problem accessing Ithorian Docking Bay

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Okay, I'm trying to do Samhann's second smuggling mission, but I'm having a problem accessing the Ithorian Docking bay. I originally agreed to work for the Ithorians, then when the Czerka thugs suggested I switch sides I did.


Problem is, I somehow managed to avoid ever receiving Ithorian credentials, so I can't reenter the bay. When I do the Persuade/Lie option, I always fail (and my Persuade is at a modified 15, so I'm guessing it's an auto-fail check).


Is there some way to fix this? Even a hack that will give me Ithorian credentials is fine. If the Persuade/Lie will work at some extreme level that is fine as well, long as I can complete the mission.


Thanks in advance,


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In my current game I have persuasion around 60 and it still fails. What you can do is this, Go to Grenn and report Samhann, he will you get you everything you need, then instead of informing Green when the deal goes down, try helping Sam ship his goods.

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