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xbox and pc version

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in KotOR 1, the PC version has the Yavin Space Station, where you can get some very pricey, but very useful items, like the Heart of the Guardian and Mantle of the Force Crystals. And there's some other stuff like super powerful ranged weapons, droid upgrades, visors, human upgrades, and some kick*ss armor, too.


This was supposed to be available to Xbox users via Xbox Live, but I guess they never did it.


In KotOR 2, everything is the same, to my knowledge, except the Xbox version still has the modules for the droid planet M4-78 and the Droid Factory on Telos. These are not on the PC version, but they are still not accessable on the Xbox version, even though they're still on the disk. If you have PC capable of running KotOR 1 or 2, I'd recommend getting KotOR 1, since it's only $20, and wait until KotOR 2 gets down to about $20 and get it, too. Yavin Station is quite interesting for as small as it is and M4-78 and the droid factory are fun to explore....

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