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What should be in KotOR III?

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The ending of the first KotOR was harsh for the

death of the ebon hawk



mabye you will get a better ship. and you should be able to choose your race too. and be able to choose jedi o:) or sith :wub: in the begining of the game. and evan choose a race.


ha amagin... jedi the hut (w00t)


and mabye some hot girls :p


post to leave ideas


the game will have to be on the new xbox 360 (the next box)

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If the next installment is only on 360 and not available on the original Xbox, I may have to go postal, AK style.


I do NOT want to have to buy a new, expensive flippin' console just to play a game who's predecessors have taken up so much of my valuable time.


And it should have partial nudity...



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the x-box 360 will be expensive ... mabye. when you buy the system there are no slots :thumbsup: . that is because the system comes with 4 wierless controlers and a 512 mb drive built in instead n the normal 12mb (or something like that) there was a small ruckus for companies getting their hands on these because not allot of people new about them . luckly game pro got 1 so you can check them out on www.gamepro.com


peace :cool:

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