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Greatest Lightsaber Duelist?

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Just sticking to what we actually know from the movies, EU references are unreliable. Anakin beats Dooku easily, so is better. Yoda doesn't beat anyone, I question how good he actually is, I think he is too limited by his size and his over devotion to the light side of the force, no killer instinct. Obi-wan beats Darth Maul and Anakin and Grievous so he is better than all of them. Grievous got scared and ran off, so grievous is definitely not the best. Palpatine couldn't finish off Yoda and Mace beat him, however it may have been a ploy to convert Anakin. Anakin did cut off Mace Windu's arm, he should have seen that coming so not sure how good Mace is. From all these fights it is almost impossible to declare one character the ultimate greatest duellist.

1.Emperor(assuming he let Mace win as part of his grand plan to convert Anakin)

2.Yoda(despite lacking a killer instinct, it's hard to get past those defences)

3.Obi-Wan(defeats Darth Maul, General Grievous and Anakin, hard to go past that track record)

4.Anakin(he is the chosen one after all and took out Dooku without breaking a sweat)

5.Dooku(beat Obi-Wan but pawned by Anakin)

6.Mace Windu(assuming Palpatine let him win, otherwise probably 3rd)

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This topic has now seen two necromants. A double zombie, so to speak.



Anyway, my 2 cents:

1. Obi Wan could defeat Anakin because he only recently fell to the dark side. If KotOR 1 and 2 have taught us anything, then it's that an unplanned fall to the dark side will screw up your battle plan. Your force abilities become overly expensive and you waste almost all your force on some minor healing - and I think that's what happened to poor Anni (not necessarily healing, but light-side power-ups rather than dark side ones...).

2. Later he had opportunity to properly train in the use of dark-side powers (under palps), so he properly would have gained a lot of dueling potential, if it wasn't canon that he was barely able to move in his armor. The only reason why Luke doesn't just walk over him from the get-go is the huge difference in experience.


I don't think that any other Star Wars character was as powergamed as the KotOR (1+2) protagonists. Darth Vader had one Mandalorian Crush Gaunt, nothing more (except maybe implants). Only the game protagonists (including the Jedi Knight series) were also the only ones able to stand after a direct lightsaber hit. (and let's not forget all the energy shields from KotOR 1 + 2, allowing you to completely ignore incoming hits)

In that light I do believe that anyone claiming they could put down Vader, Luke, Palps, Dooku, Obi Wan or whomever if only they were included in their favourite game, is speaking the truth. The strongest characters are the game ones, and canon should have a hard time proving this wrong.

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Kreia notes that the Jedi and Sith before the time of KOTOR made the Jedi during KOTOR and the movies look like children playing with toys. Thats enough clues to who is the best. No one from the movies or games, but someone from a time we may never see.


And George Lucas says the opposite of that, so who cares about what Kreia has to say? :nuke:


Apart from that, how could Kreia talk about the characters from the movies, when those happened almost 4000 years after her death?

She was obviously talking about everyone until KOTOR, though I don't think that she was all that consistent in her comments. If Revan was like the heart of the force, how would the ancient Jedi and Sith be that far ahead of everyone?


History always tends to glorify people who are long gone. I'd say Kreia is kind of guilty of that as well.


This does make sense, considering that the supposed "Grand Masters" of the Jedi from KOTOR II are pushovers (except possibly Vrook).

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