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SPQR Studios Inc.

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Hi, my name is Shak-Tai Jett, and I am the founder and current chairman of SPQR Studios Inc. This is a game development studio. Our aim is to produce a RTS game called Star Wars: Clash of the Mandalorians which features over 20 :p different units ;) and should take up about 100-200 megs. lol I am not trained in C++ or anything, it's just an idea. thats all. Anyone want my idea? feel free to ask.

my website for spqr, is on construction is looking bad. there is a 99.9% chance that the above will never hapen.







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Several comments:


One: You cannot produce a property of any sort with the name Star Wars without permission from its owner.


Two: How do you expect to develop a game without any programming experience?


Three: You cannot just decide one day: I am starting a company and go on your merry way. You must submit the proper documents and get approval for your name, etc. from the government.

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Two: How do you expect to develop a game without any programming experience?


This is especially true in the Star Wars case. If most of the studios who are making Star Wars games are unknown, the people who work at these studios worked before in very well known developpement studios. For example, most of Obsidian's team come from Black Isle and most of the Petroglyph's (currently developping the Star Wars RTS Empire at War) team come from Westwood. Raven, who made the Jedi Knight II and III, is very close to Id Software and developped a lot of addons and games based on Id's FPS.

I think you'll have to make some very good games and/or work in well know teams before thinking about making a Star Wars game.


However, it is said that modding is a very good way to join viedogames industry. You could try to gather a team and make a Star Wars mod to a good, modern and modable RTS. However, managing a team is not an easy work nor making videogames at all.

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actually star wars total war would probably be created by Senate Systems

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You could create a mod for Rome: Total War ... as long as you didn't try to generate revenue from it; any commercial use of the Lucas Arts IP would have to be by arrangement, in advance.






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