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  1. well...i got a x600 pro....and it sucks....do you people know the best graphic card used for playing dawn of war, since the textures are sorta of heavily ppixelated and blurred.
  2. of course there are mandalorina women! all things need to reproduce. most people dont realise that there arent mandalorian women because they are hidden. it is possible that the women wear the same armor type which significantly flatten their breasts. The also cannot have long hair, becuase of the distinctive "assasin" helmet like Jango, Boba and clone troopers, they just have to shave and lose their sexy feminity. one question for people, are mandalorian women hot? if so...please provide an example :D (w00t)
  3. robes are so kool, like those ossus keeper ones! they're just puuurfect for combat, for example with jedi and sith lords. i like to use mandalorian assault armor for fighting droids, bounty hunters and big monsters. overall, mandaloriaan combat armor is the best of them all. aprt from those ossus robes, though... by the way, where and how can you get mandalore's armor and more jedi robes?????. i want one! i no they're on mandalore, but can you get a separate set and is it possible to get revans robes?????
  4. this film was awesome! The fuuniest parts were the battle droids, dialogue tone and the part when yoda force pushes the red guard at palps office. i got a version of the film, if yu wannit people, but the start is in russian, i think (only opening titles). i dont think it would be wise to upload it to this forum. S-TJ
  5. new lite sabre tricks....or techniques..i know a really good one called Kamik style from the word kamikaze. only works with sith, and two 2xbladed sabers. style=charging head on and just slashing like a mad-man!
  6. i no a really bad game idea that possibly no 1 will like. A RPG style game, where you take the role of a bounty hunter and kill people for credits, a bit like gta: star wars except lamer. or maybe the same thing yu take the role of a storm trooper etc.,except this is not battlefront (w00t)
  7. Hi, my name is Shak-Tai Jett, and I am the founder and current chairman of SPQR Studios Inc. This is a game development studio. Our aim is to produce a RTS game called Star Wars: Clash of the Mandalorians which features over 20 different units and should take up about 100-200 megs. lol I am not trained in C++ or anything, it's just an idea. thats all. Anyone want my idea? feel free to ask. my website for spqr, is on construction is looking bad. there is a 99.9% chance that the above will never hapen. S-TJ
  8. every single time i play my game, the game crashes and the message of: "...has error, has to shut down...etc" comes up, what is hapening??? I had to play multiple levels again and again, becoz it crashed on saving as well...omg
  9. <_< this idea sounds interesting, but i'm not really sure if obsidian and or lucasarts is going to buy this story....
  10. hi, i am a rooky. how do u get levels in this forum?
  11. there are also those clone wars shows made for kids.....the characters look like hercules
  12. Roflmfao, despite the differences between walmart's selling scheme and the mandaloiran trade policy, i don't see any reason not to add mandalorian "trade shops" near cantinas or just any random place. If it were to be inappropriate to include these so-called trade shops, why couldn't npcs just drop more mandal items, to save mandalorian freaks like me, to go everywhere looking that ype of stuff. S-TJ
  13. (w00t) Star Wars: Episode II.V Defeat of the Mandalorians (w00t) How cool would it be if LucasFilm made a new star wars film for fans of the Mandalorian race? It could include the early life of jango Fett, and the mandal wars which are depicted in the expanded unifverse. after that, people could write a a new visual dictionary, which just includes mandal armor and weaponry *I'm obsessed with mandal armor and the clones* got any feedback??? S-TJ (AMRSC)
  14. how da hell do you get the console down during a game. I got the cheats off cheatplanet, but kant get them to work. like, you gotta do the EnableCheats=1 thingy, and then in the game, it tells mi to press ~ and the enter or space key to activate the console. It says the character will freeze if the console works, but nothing's happening....i'm waiting.....i wana use cheats coz i'm am DESPERATE for the mandalorian armor.... by ze way, i got the whole cheat list in the attachment. Have fun jedi!!! swKOTOR2_thesithlords.doc
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