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Bioware Officially Sucks

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"Taking a break from the mass swarm of humanity at E3, I went to visit the BioWare booth in the South Hall and got to spend some time with Tom Ohle, BioWare's public relation specialist. While BioWare isn't showing or announcing anything new, I did get a sneak peek at a new premium module in the works for NWN. I can't talk too much about it except that it will feature new content like tilesets and creatures as well be the longest premium module they've done. We'll be featuring an interview on it when it gets closer to release. Feel free to probe the BioWare staff on the official forums and hopefully they'll give up some information.


Also at the BioWare booth was the Dragon Age logo which is very close to what it will be. As the next major PC project they're working on and the spiritual successor of NWN, it's a massive project that I'm really looking forward to. On a related topic, we didn't transfer the Dragon Age section from the old site due to technical reasons, but it will definitely get its own website once official information starts flowing and we have some artwork we can use in the site design."




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Well as this post clearly is argumentative in nature, I think I'll close it down. If, however, one would like to articulate an opinion without rheotoric or drama, please feel free to try again.

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