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jedi robe hood

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does any one know how to use the hood


This is a forum, not a chat room. Give it a few hours before you even start thinking "well, maybe nobody knows." Wait until the next day to bump it to the top with a "well?" kind of post.


Anyway, no hoods. Nobody can know how to use something that you can't use.

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Nothing beats a good saucepan on your head.


Are you crazy.. the developers said they couldn't have hoods in cause it takes nearly 2 GBs to have switchable hoods in the game.


Actually no, the developers felt it wasn't worth the time to add hoods for only 30 faces at the most.. which all of the heads have the same head shape (well most)

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Perhaps its possible using the models from Kreia for custom hooded robes. But I have no idea how.  :thumbsup:


Hoods are no way hard to develop.. hell look at Handmaiden, she had a hood. Players had a hood for E3.



The developers were just time pressed, so they had to come up with an explanation how the game cannot handle mutiple hoods on one screen.. right.. really.. hard.. I suspose... you can't have more than two different face models at once..


What is this 1989?

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Couldn't we just edit the portrait models and add a hood on them?  Granted it would show independent of whichever clothing the player wears, but the effect would be there for us to take glorious screenies of  :)



Just have all the robes look the same, then the hoods can all use the same base.




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