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Lets say I wanted to know the conditions needed to see the cut-scene of Kreia and Bao-Dur (obviously its being heavy on dark side but I'm just using it as an example) or certain dialouges. How can I view them? Is it possible with the KOTOR tool?

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Download the Rad Video Tools. It contains a player that will allow you to watch the movies. No sound though.


As long as you're there you might as well download the Miles Sound Tools which will allow you to listen to the dialog and music files that are on your hard drive.




I am assuming that you have the PC version of the game. If you don't I've no idea as to how you can view the movies.

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The inter-party dialogues are all contained within the 003EBO module. The actual conditions are (I believe-I could be horribly wrong as this is not my area of expertise) determined the scipt k_003ebo_enter which jdnoa so kindly decompiled for us though it doesn't look as though it made it into that decompiled version. You can open k_003ebo_enter.ncs in the RIM->Modules->003EBO subtree but it's rather dificult to figure out from that as it's a compiled script. Razor or JdNoa might be able to give more info.


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