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Mandalor's Quest for the mandalorians (Spoiler)

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Those two groups of Mandalorians are the only two. I don't think you even encounter any more Mandalorians outside of Dxun, with the exception of the event in the Korriban cave.


I've never seen any quest regarding Mandalore trying to gather the remnants of the Mandalorian clans.

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When you get mandalor and you got to Nar Shadar and Datonnie and get the mandalorains is this a quest that was left out or is there others i havent found


(sorry if its a bit confusing what i sayed)


I look at it like this...they are Easter Eggs. They do not make it into your journal but they are fun nonetheless. Another example of that is the hologram that the protocal droid has on Dantooine....also, if the Dantooine mechanic sees your lightsaber, he runs off to warn the others. Same could be said of the Bastila holocrons on Korriban. Unofficial Easter Eggs.

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