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Obsidian. Patch please.

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OBSIDIAN : (This guy actually thinks the patch will fix all known bugs and add some content and a decent end to the story... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA, oh man, he's killing us, that must be the joke of the year!!! Phew... that was quite a laugh). Yes, Sir, right away, as soon as LA publishes it.


LA : -all too familiar scratching sound- Patch?? ooooooh yeeeeeees. Patch... Right... Um... See, we are getting ready for EP3 and we are using all resources for that purpose, but we promise you, the loyal fans, that the patch will be out "SOON". Yes yes... Phew... He's gone.............. Ok... Mmm?? Patch? What patch?? Someone is supposed to FIX that??? Yeah yeah, that was a nice one... hehe...

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Yes, Virginia, the dead horse is truly beaten down now.


I give this thread a whole day before some mod locks it. Not that I blame the mod or Obsidian.


Threads like this are why our good buddy Feargus nearly closed the forums on us.



Lord Revan was most displeased with your lack of combat skill.

-Something I wish they'd put in KOTOR

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