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KOTOR2 work with catalyst 5.4 now?

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I too have no lag problems as long as I don't quicksave(f4) on Dantooine using Cats 5.4. ATI admitted there *IS* a lag problem on Dantooine in the readme of their latest Catalyst driver. Of course, you could be lucky and not experience any problems at all. Or you could be lying as there's no way to verify what you're saying.


Wow. You are really hostile, you know that? To even suggest, let alone accuse me of lying is not only rude and completely uncalled for, but baseless. What could I have to possibly gain by lying?


I'm not denying ATI said there was a lag issue;however, that does not mean it affected everyone or everyone the same way. Hardware and software can be fickle.


As I have said numerous times already, I have experienced NONE of the problems reported with an ATI card and drivers 5.2, 5.3, and 5.4. Maybe you and some others haven't been so fortunate, but that is my experience with ATI and KotOR 2.

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I just tested Kotor 2 (patched) with Catalyst 5.4, and Dantooine DOES work normally, no Disable Vertex Buffer Objects fix needed. It does run slower than the rest of the game, but it's very playable, at least for me.


I am using a somewhat hefty gaming system though (ATI X800 XT 256Mb AGP card, Athlon 3200+ processor, 1.5 Gb of RAM) so it may be that the slight slowdown I now notice is worse on a more normal system. But it IS better.

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That's a good point. I have what I consider a fairly decent system:


P4 3.6GHz HT

256MB PCI-Express ATI Radeon X800 XT



Perhaps that's one of the possible reasons for me not having experienced slowdown, or any one of the previously noted issues.

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For those of you trying the 5.4 catalyst...i suggest you keep a backup 4.12 or 4.2 around..coz it may or may not work for you.


I'm using a 9600 and perfomance was okay till u get to telos, the game starts to turn into a slideshow...literally, with less than 5fps!!! This does not occur constantly however, the first 30 min was smooth but once you start fighting some big boss or when you're having those "epic" moments for your character..the perfomance starts to decay...


till now..I'm still trusting my 4.2 when playing starwars games

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I thought the NVidia cards worked better than the ATI cards simply because the xbox has a NVidia chipset.



I heard that the Xbox2 is going with ATI this time around so PC gamers who use ATI cards may be able to rejoice as the XBox2 games that go to PC will be made with ATI in mind.




I believe that KotOR2 was closer to a port than an actual development for the PC.  That may explain why force sight won't work with my ATI card.



I could be way off too, however.  Either way, I am running KotOR 2 on my PC with an ATI card and have yet to have a slow-down problem.  It happens from time to time but only for a split second.  I don't consider a split second a problem :p


Also, nVIDIA's cards require more juice than ATi's cards.

As for the XBox2 I have heard rumours that the ATi X800 Pro 256 will be the standard GFx-card for it. If it is true or not, I do not know. If it is, then the Xbox2 will be r0xx0ring my b0xx0rs *cough*

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