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Going dark side on Dxun...

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So Disciple is now a level 10ish consular, near full LS (I'm at LS-mastery) but with a healty number of DS powers (seems a waste of Force Focus to not take force lighting, drain life & insanity).


So it occurs to me that sending him to lead the mission on Dxun to Freedon Nadd's tomb could be beneficial, in terms of a couple free DS powers and lowering his alignment, lowering the cost of DS powers (plus the neutral powers).


But I'm curious: what is the extent of the DS hit if you do all the DS things on Dxun? If he's near full LS now, what would he be afterwards? Slightly LS? Neutral? Slightly DS?


Just wondering...

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I'm so angry... going LS means sacrificing my beautiful DS powers! I just use them anyways... screw the Force Point thing


That's always been my view of the KOTOR games. Take whatever powers you want, I don't care how much lightning and death field cost (lightside) or how much heal costs (darkside).

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Yeah, it really doesn't matter much in the end....you can still spam the powers either way.


But as to the question - it's a fairly large hit if you do it all. Won't put ya back down close to neutral or anything, but it will set you back enough to be irritating. At least IMO.


Plus you'll upset Disciple quite a bit. lol

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