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crash after paragus minigame

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ok, i got this game on pc about a month and a half ago...and got a total of maybe 4 hours of play out of it. i got as far as the touret minigame on paragus, and then the whole game crashed. i tried lowering the video res, tried installing a different driver for my nvidia geforce fx 5200 graphics card, i've tried disabling sound (all these things were suggested by the tech support ppl at lucasarts) and nothing as worked. so basically i have 4 very expensive disks that do absolutely nothing....these are my specs on my pc.....


dell demention 8600, p4, 2.8 gig hd, 1 gig of ram, previously mentioned nvidia geforce fx 5200 video card, creative sound blaster live sound....can anyone help?

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Have you made certain your video, sound, and motherboad drivers are the latest versions?


If you cannot get the game working at this point, then perhaps I or someone else can send you a save game just after the turret game.


Here is an alternative and beneficial (gamewise) way to play it:


Don't shoot any of the Sith Troopers and let them ALL board the Ebon Hawk.


The reason being that if you can make it past this point where you keep crashing or locking up... You can then proceed to wipe out the troops for like 250 XP points per troop and literally level up another level before you leave Peragus.

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