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Request- Standalone patch release

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I think the title and description say it all.


I have a 56k modem, and it serves my purposes just fine. However, if this first patch (and subsequent ones as well :D) is more than, say 10 MB, its going to a pain to download.


Now, I have T1 access on my work PC and a 4GB USB drive, so downloading from there will work far better, but only if its standalone.


Can I get a solid yes or no from anyone in authority about whether its going to be offered standalone?

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At times, I have also done some massive downloads, but I avoid it at all costs if I can.

(I downloaded Magic Online over dial-up before I got my 4GB drive. I think it was something like 200MB, then another 130MB of automatic updates).



That's what I'd hope, but life rarely makes sense. Think about the subplots of this game and the facts about how much of the game was cut...

MTGO doesn't offer any kind of stand-alone downloads. Everything must be done through their programs or not at all.

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It doesn't actually use exactly the same engine, it's been tweaked to allow a few extra things, particularly suport for more resolutions (though you have to add them manually). I think they tweaked the 1.0 engine, not whatever the patched engine was...

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