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will kotor 2 run on my 'puter?

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Model: Dell Inspiron 1100

Processor: Intel 2GHZ Celeron

Memory: 256MB

Pointing Device: Touchpad

Hard Drive: 30GB

Display: 14.1" TFT LCD

Speakers: Integrated

Optical Drive: DVD/CDRW Combo Drive

Operating System: Windows XP Home

Video: 32MB AGP Video Card

Sound: Advanced 3D Sound

Modem: 56k Internal

Network: 10/100 Internal

Battery: Included

Power Adapter: Included

System Weight: ~5 Pounds


this enough?

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Pretty much. I don't think it can due to your video card. Just not powerful enough.


You should have at least 512 MB of memory and a video card that has at least 128 MB in it, perferably one that uses a NVidia chipset. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. :/

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Mostly. :(


I don't know much about laptops to tell the truth. I play on desktop PCs and you could get a 256 MB RAM for less than $50 in some places and a decent midrange 128 MB video card for under $100 nowadays.


For a laptop I don't think it is that easy to upgrade.

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Model:  Dell Inspiron 1100

Processor:  Intel 2GHZ Celeron Passed

Memory:  256MB  Not recommended, but it works (have 256 too)

Pointing Device:  Touchpad 

Hard Drive:  30GB

Display:  14.1" TFT LCD

Speakers:  Integrated 

Optical Drive:  DVD/CDRW Combo Drive

Operating System:  Windows XP Home

Video:  32MB AGP Video Card  If it is a GeForce 2/4MX or better (or Radeon counterpart) it should work...

Sound:  Advanced 3D Sound 

Modem:  56k Internal 

Network:  10/100 Internal

Battery:  Included 

Power Adapter:  Included 

System Weight:  ~5 Pounds 


this enough? Yes, if the card is a GeForce 2/4MX or better (just 32MB isn't enough info (Just don't expect it to run 50FPS at 1024x768 with all on Max (Buffer, AF, AA)

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Ermm, it's a laptop, isn't it?


I've read lots of people posting on this board saying they couldn't get Kotor 2 to work with a laptop graphics card, even when comparable games (with 3d graphics, I mean) work fine.


If I were you, I'd look in the display settings and find out exactly what graphics card you have, then post it here or email LucasArts tech support.

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