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I Saw Myself... in a Tomb...*Spoilers*

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I was playing KOTORII earlier today on my Xbox, and had just gotten to Ludo Kresh's burial chamber on Korriban with a LS male character. The game showed Revan standing infront of the tomb, right infront of the door, before Revan starts walking towards the Exile. However, standing to his left (our right) was another darkly clad character, but without a mask. It was a fleetinng glimpse, and from a medium distance so I could not make a positive ID, but it looked like my last character, who was DS male... robes and all. After Revan walked out of the frame and the camera switched angles to show him again, my former DS character had disappeared.


Has anyone else seen this? I apologize if this has been said before; I tried to search for any relevant threads from before but the moment I put Revan in the search line a thousand results popped up, none of which looked relevant. If this is not my former character, but rather someone else, do you know who it is? I also apologize for the lack of a screen shot, I did not have my camera handy, and have not had time to play through the whole tomb again. I'll post a pic if I can recreate it a bit later.

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Yeah, I noticed that a while ago, too. It threw me for a loop before I realized what it was.


It wasn't your former character...it was your current character. Or, well, an apparition of your current character wearing Dark Side robes, looking as he would have if he had fallen to the Dark Side. Some speculate that it was supposed to be a representation of the Exile's own darker side and from when he served under Revan during the Mandalorian Wars (since the entire tomb was showing him visions of his experiences from back then).

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It's your character, yes, turned to the dark side, whatever your alignment.


The first two visions in the tomb, Malak's recruiting and the charge across the mined bridge, were both episodes from your past. The third vision, the battle between your allies and Kreia, was either an interpretation of the present or a possible near future. The final vision may be a more distant future, DS Revan and DS Exile together as the villains in Kotor 3. I don't think it's inevitable; of course, the developers will go in the direction they like, but it's one possibility.

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The whole tomb sorta freaked me out - kinda like that dead Jedi.


Then when you finally come out, apparently a lesson has been learnt? I can't put my finger on it.

Was it supposed to show you what would've happened if you stayed with Revan? thus the Dark Side appearance of yourself


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