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Where the hell did Darth Sidious come from?

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Am not sure if he can even be considered to be any more human than what he looks like at all. Thought he resembled someone more like what I would not want to see, especially from a bad dream. Even Kreia is not half as close to being as malicious looking like how Palpatine is. In any case, he is anything but hideous at all, assuming that his character is similar to that of a crow witch from bedtime stories.

Deep from within...


Victims live a life of fantasy.


Some see salvation as an act of God, a few look within for it.



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Yes, Yes it is, haven't you noticed the obvious drop offs...


Hmmm Sarcasm, always fun, rarely funny, and never clever.


:lol:  LOL  :lol:



Someone deleted my original post, I am most dissapointed... :'(

and they never even explained why... :'( :'( :'(


only kidding, :D



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