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How do you build a guardian ?

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I want to play the game as a guardian/weapon master, but I'm wondering about the skills for such a character. I've played the game with a consular and I see that the repair, computer and persuade skills are very important, the repair and computer skills for example, let you upgrade T3 completely, it also let's you build a great many things with the work bench, and persuade is used in more instances then I can count. Otherwise a guardian comes with awareness which, while useful, it's only good to a degree, and the first aid skill isn't especially useful for a jedi, especially a LS guardian, sure there are things it's used for but other team me,bers can help with that.


A guardian comes equipped with persuade so it's not a problem, demolition is also good but it can't possibly be as useful as repair, so I was wondering, when you create your character, is it a good idea to keep your skill points and use your first 2 feats to get specialisation in computer and repair skills ? Has anyone else done this ? And if I did, what would be a good stat build for such a character ?


Is this a good path, or should I simply stick to the way a guardian is made by default ? will it be simply like repeating my consular playthrough ? There's also the fact that starting over will mean clearing out Peragus and Telos again, 2 locations I've had enough of.

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I wouldn't worry too much about building stuff at the workbench. You can use any character to build stuff at a workbench (except at the Hawk). But breakdowns seem to work from your PCs skill only, so you probably do want repair skill.


If you let computer skill go, you'll miss the T3 repairs, but that's not all that critical to the game.

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the only things a guardian really needs is your main attribute (str or dex) and lots of feats. the skills and force powers are secondary since you'll be the tank in battle.


basically anything u need to be created -- use bao dur or T3.

make kreia or visas focus in your force powers.


make sure u get your tank a dope lightsaber. very important.

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