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Stealth and Sneak attacks

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You can get close enough, and if you have a high enough stealth skill you can even run in circles around them. However, the characters drop out of stealth mode as soon as you give the attack order, so get close up first, and then attack. Not the other way around.


Oh, and you do know how the stealth mode works, don't you?


But at any rate, the best way to use sneak attack tactics is not from a stealth approach. Since incapacitated enemies take damage from sneak attacks too, you are better off using stasis/critical hit/fear than stealth.

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Sneak Attack works best when you put enemies under Stasis Field or Insanity. I personally dislike Stealth/Force Camouflage because the enemy makes good awareness checks every time.


Guardian, Assassin/Watchman also works because Force Jump on an unsuspecting target also adds the damage of Sneak Attack, resulting in a 1 hit KO

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Yeah, I played a Scoundrel/Guardian in part 1, and Sneak Attack with Force Jump works, so a Guardian/Watchman or Assassin could do the same.


Flanking works too. If the target is fighting somebody else, attack them from behind or the side for a sneak attack.


Remember, you can use ranged weapons for a Sneak Attack, provided you're close enough.

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