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K3 Suggestion Box:

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Ok guys and gals, I figured it's now time to start the storyline suggestions box for K3:


Here's my list:

1. Exile and Revan (and possibly what's left of their respective teams) join forces in the Unknown Regions and rush into the galaxy with a vengeance that totally overwhelms everyone. Even the Hutts fear them :thumbsup:


2. Meanwhile, there is another Jedi who has been hiding somewhere in the Deep Core (which has gone pretty-much unexplored as far as the EU is concerned :thumbsup:), and he starts his journey into the galaxy after years of exile. This new Jedi should have ties to the Qel-Droma family.


3. While Revan and the Exile continue their domination of all who dare to stand against them, the new Jedi discovers Ulic's Holocron that was hidden away on Rhen Var. He begins learning by this point of his family history and the history of Ulic, and of course he learns all of Ulic's techniques and essentially is trained by Ulic this way.


4. While the new Jedi runs around the galaxy (There should be AT LEAST 10 different locations for K3, and no, I am not ****ing kidding about this. If you need people to do it, then ****ing hire some of us who know how to reverse-engineer this game, stop relying on your internal sources so much, I know how hard it is to create a single planet for these games, but I've already written a full script for K3, and I am not the only one) trying to find allies (The Wookies should be heavily used for this, as well as the Trando's...COME ON, let's add more species here! Bothans, Gand, Ubese, ETC...:p), the Jedi begins to discover Revan's and the Exile's history, and by say the 5th planet, the Jedi should be pretty-much clued in to the both of them.


5. Revan and the Exile doubtlessly will send their allies at you once they find you, this means SEVERAL high-caliber duels with HK-47 and the HK-50's that he's undoubtedly gained full control of, duels with Zaalbar and Hanharr (preferably involving your own alien allies), and then of course a huge-ass Jedi war that should span each of the 10 locations for return-trips. Some of your alien allies should be Force Sensitives, without a doubt. Aliens can be Jedi/Sith just as much as humans can be, and most of them are even more deadly because of their innate species-specific abilities ;)


6. You should be able to FULLY train your team this time, you should be able to train your non-Jedi/Sith to follow your examples and have incredibly sophisticated fighting techniques. Your Jedi/Sith should be able to be just as deadly as you are as you train them, including going to full Prestige classes.


Now, all of these ideas I can do through modding with K2...After I finish my XWA mod, I will use K2 to explain Alaric Qel-Droma's backstory by hacking K2 to pieces.


It's already well-proven that you can make your own levels, and I already have the majority of the scripting I need done...Thanks to some others in the community, the Prestige allies mod is already done, and the Ultimate Lightsabers Pack for K2 will definately help me out too.


The scripting support is easy, of course, what's going to take me some time will be doing the 10 or so planets/locations...But, I know it can be done.


I am getting tired of seeing the most powerful Jedi/Sith running away from their lives to the Unknown Regions, and their allies just hide into obscurity.


The end-game will definately be the Trayus Academy, I'm going to make both the Exile and Revan use that as their headquarters for their return to the galaxy...With the Exile and Revan leading all of their allies and training them at Trayus, you can understand why I want to do this ;)


I am too impatient to wait for K3, and since I know they'll probably just introduce another Jedi/Sith who is going to run away with no ultimate resoulution, I'm going to do this my way.


I really hate to do this, but then again, not really ;)


K3 is likely going to be like K2: Another half-baked expansion pack, and not a REAL game.


K2 always felt way too much like an expansion pack for K1, there was just not enough NEW material to convince me otherwise.


I want a massive war between the Revan/Exile combo and a new Jedi from the Qel-Droma family who is using Ulic's techniques to run around gathering allies and then kicking asses all over the galaxy as Revan/Exile send their allies at you...That would own. I can make it so there is both Light and Dark options of course, Alaric is not real evil or a do-gooder, but he can use either to attain total superiority over any enemy he faces....As the end-game happens, Alaric will come into his TRUE potential and will be glowing with pure Force energy, niether totally dark or totally light, just pure Force power...You will have the option to let Alaric become a Force Master with his final abilities, making him a very deadly hybrid cross between a Lightsaberist Master and a master of controlling the Force.


Skills won't be quite so critical as they are in K2, because I don't beleive in needing skill points. If you are properly trained and you have the right amount of experience, you'll automatically be able to perform cetain tasks without needing 50 skill points in something...When you become a Force Master, you won't need skills anyway, you'll be able to do almost everything because you'll be an un-rivaled master of physical combat and you'll have enough Force power to sweep most common enemies aside in one cast.


Of course, I am going to make Revan deadly as hell, and the Exile is going to keep his Jedi very close to him for the final battles...Yes...BATTLES...I don't like having one ending battle...I want there to be many fights that will utilize the entire map before the end comes.


HK-47 and his droid buds will probably be among the first enemies I send at the player, but don't assume HK will be a pushover, because even though he has no melee talents, he will be able to take a ton of punishment and here's my final bit:


I will guarentee that every major fight will last for at least 20 minutes, no matter how powerful you are! Even with playing with Hardcore at the maximum difficulty modes, I can still kill Nihilus in 5 minutes, hands down...That is not a duel, that is a slaughter ;)


How long do the duels in the films last? At least 20 minutes! I want to have that in my games. I've managed to pull that off with XWA, and I'll be damned if I can't make K2 do it too.


I am also thinking about doing some work with Republic Commando too when the tools come out...RC has definate potential ;)


Yes, I will be re-using the various environments from K2 to make this mod...I don't have all that much know-how with graphics, so...


I don't know how many others among you have thought of doing your own story for KOTOR, but I've been thinking of this ever since I first started my XWA mod 7 years ago, and I planned out three mods: One flight sim, one FPS, and one RPG.


Sorry for the overly long post, but I needed to get all of this out. I know you will understand....

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I'd like:

1. A return of the companion side quests, like Dustil and the trial on Manaan. I loved those.

2. The ability to customize your character a little - hair color, eye color, possibly tattoos... that sort of thing.

3. No weapon in hand when it's not actively being used, to help avoid watching Atton shave his head while speaking to you, or being impaled during a conversation.

4. More companion characters, and the ability to choose between at least couple ("You can come, but your sister has to stay.")

5. The companion character's dialogue should change if their alignment drastically does.


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I'd like:

1. A return of the companion side quests, like Dustil and the trial on Manaan.  I loved those.

2. The ability to customize your character a little - hair color, eye color, possibly tattoos... that sort of thing.

3. No weapon in hand when it's not actively being used, to help avoid watching Atton shave his head while speaking to you, or being impaled during a conversation.

4. More companion characters, and the ability to choose between at least couple ("You can come, but your sister has to stay.")

5. The companion character's dialogue should change if their alignment drastically does.




I think that is reasonable...I can do three of those things, but I'm not sure just how well I can do them....Yet.


Anyway, I don't know about the tatoo thing....That just doesn't fit right for me...I'm cool with the rest though. If you want self-mutiliation, I can do that by having dug-out plasma burns and other stuff though :p


We also need at least ONE bondage girl from the Sith...I mean, that just should be mandatory for the end of KOTOR (assuming this would be the end, which I hope it's not ;))....Visas came close, but she lacked the coolness factor I think...;)


Create another Visas, give her some personality and desire to fight, and that would be da bomb ;)


Hey, there's an idea...Make Visas more personable...Yeeessss.... :thumbsup:


I mean, she DOES follow the Exile around now, right? She was really beginning to interact more with you and your allies at the end of the game, it would be the logical conclusion ;)


I like the experienced girls who have personality, too...Heh...Brianna had the personality, but lacked the experience and the worldly knowledge factor, which was my major sore-spot with her...


EDIT: Hm, I am making the first person to die be Bao-Dur...I hate his lame ass...No reasonable armor, he's like Hanharr...Weak as a lost puppy. Even with the prestige padawans mod Bao still blows...He's good for ONE thing: Repairing the droids. If you con T3 enough, YOU can heal him and regen your FP's at the same time, so Bao's only genuine advantage in combat is negated by the PC if you have enough influ with T3...I hate that. :thumbsup:

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Definately the HK Factory. Where the Exile meets up with Revan. That should definately be in there. And, get the origin of the HK-50's out of the way and why they were built.


A more indepth story about Kreia, in the beginning. Only Revan wiould know more about Kreia. Also, they need to fill in the gaps with the story of the Exile's companions on Malachor V. And, what did truely happe on Malachor V besides it was the final battle during the Mandalorian Wars.


Now the End Game should be fought on Coruscant. They never had Coruscant in any of the games. And with the True Sith threat that is where they would attack.


I would have Hoth as a planet. There are valuable crystals in the caverns one of the other reasons why Rebel Alliance chose Hoth as a base. Hoth does have life on the planet except it is not above ground. But, in caverns. Discple would be found here studying the crystals.


I would have Kamino as a planet. Showing there were Clones before the Prequels. Have Lucasfilms write up even more of a storyline about Kamino.


Naboo would be interesting place for a planet. Possibly on a motive how a Sith Master was born on that world. *Hint Hint* Emperor Palpetine.


Tatooine another interesting back story on who Anakin's Ancestors were. After all this is a True Sith threat we will be facing.


Definately Kashyyyk make Wookiees involved in fight the True Sith threat in a more expanded Shadowlands. This is where we can bring back Zalbaar.


I would add Alderaan due to the fact it is a peaceworld with no weapons and make True Sith attack peaceful worlds.


Definately Circarpous that planet is needed desperately, will make the Kaiburr Crystal a more interesting storyline. Must read Splinter of the Mind's Eye by Alan Dean Foster. And, the Exile will start here searching ofr the Kaiburr Crystal.


Now all will agree on me here Dagobah. With no doubt will make a far more interesting storyline about why Dagobah is filled with the Darkside. And, that is where you will find Bastila looking for Revan.


Yavin IV would make a more interesting more expanded storyline especially mre of a history on Exar Kun.


And, of course Dathomir. After all Night Sister Witches were influenced by the Dark Side of the Force. And, have Revan found here fighting a Rancor.


And, of course Dxun we need Canderous/Mandalore in the group again without Canderous/Mandalore the True Sith threat will sweep even faster.


And, those are the planets needed for KOTOR III. This will help with backstories for where the prequels are along with ancestors. And, make KOTOR III not only link up with how the prequels are but make the game a lot more fun and interesting to play.

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