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im fairly early in the game still but there may be some slight spoilers if you havent played yet.


im wondering if this is a bug where events are not firing or firing but in the wrong order. or is there really no content connecting these events.


im on datooine and just collected all the parts for my lightsaber. i rush back to the ebon hawk to build it but everyones gone. im getting excited somethings gonna happen, but damn i wish i had my lightsaber. finally my character comes across a women in red and she attacks me.


not an easy fight but r2(or whatever) comes to help me. blasting with his flamethrower and shock arm. up till now i was enjoying this sequence then events get a little disorienting. first everyone reappears as if by magic! and no one has a word to say about where they were, why the ship is deserted, or about the mysterious woman. r2 has nothing to say about why/where he came from to help. and i wonder was this supposed to happen? he was in my party so maybe a bug didnt properly remove him.


then in my wandering of the ship i find this woman visas up and able. but not 5 minutes ago i was talking to atton about her chances to survive! what happened there? and again why does no one comment on this? but to top it all off she talks to me now as if we've been traveling together for some time.


what happened here? did some dialogs get dropped or switched? should i reload earlier and replay? or is the game slapped together this poorly? i've come to expect bugs and glitches but this is like reading a book with pages torn out.

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Also, you only need to talk to Bao-Dur to build your Lightsaber. You dont actually have to be near a Workbench.

Did you get a movie earlier? With Visas talking to a Sith Lord, the one on the box? They were talking about you. That explains how she seems to know you. Rather than have you wait around, they just jump to after she wakes up. Perhaps they should have played another cut scene, though

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... yes ... all this happens without any explanation, and very sudden. But it's supposed to happen like this ... except for T3-M4 coming in to help you. That should not have happened ...

Maybe he was too weak adnd T3 went to the rescue. ;)"

And by the light of the moon

He prays for their beauty not doom

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Yeah...you can have them help you, too, if you run around the ship so Visa's chases you. It's quite amusing.

“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.” – Alan Watts
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