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Onderon space battle

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Can someone please explain to me this bug and how y can fix it?


I'm playing DS and y want to destroy Onderons fighters but when my turret game starts my screen is black :wub: y can see the map and so on but not the fighters, please help me out


Don't know if you really want to fight, you can also skip the scene if it doesn't work, you won't miss anything...

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What do u mean y wont miss anything? :huh: Will y land on Duxun first again?


I`m not very good at computers but this is what y know:


P4, 2.7g, 300 something Mb RAM, Window XP Proffesional(it sucks y know :( )


I`m a 12 sentinel DS, it`s my first planet after Telos, y have Kreia,Bao-Dur,Atton and T3 in my party and my save games are on PEARGUS, before entering Onderons`s apace and one just before the Turrets so y don`t want to go back to Peragus.


Now y just put it away and went to Nar-Shadda and maybe next time it`ll work, but in case it dosen`t please give me a solution :)

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try turning down your graphics settings to bare minimum to see if there was any options you had set infereing with the minigame.


failing that phone up lucasarts executives in the wee hours of the morning, whack on your best carth voice and say "Saul, damn you saul!"

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