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Stat increases

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Does anyone have a list where you can pick up stat increases in the game? For instance....fixing up the astrodroid mech gets you a +1 Int(computer path)....don't know what the repair path gets you yet....


I have heard Hanharr gives you some stat increases.....


Appreciate any info!

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You can get stat increases from HK-47 as well. But first you have to find the behavioral pacifier upgrade for him (I've only gotten it from KSE). He turns all peace loving so you take it out, and you gain some +1's to some of your skills.

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1. HK gives EXP, Constitution+, Reflex+, Wisdom+ and a Force Bonus (influence needed)

2. T3 all (except last) give upgrades to the droid, not you (except for XP), after last upgrade you can meditate on him to get Max Force Points again.

3. Atton, +1 willpower for Pazzaak lesson

4. Mira, nothing I know of..., Hanharr, see below (Dark side lovers :-" )

5 Handmaiden: Wis added to defense, Disciple: Meditate to get Max VP again.

6. Bao Dur, nothing



Mandalore, nothing

8. Kreia, many (+Force, +1 awarness, skill lesson bugged (see skill lesson topic)

9. GO-TO, XP and credits

10. Visas: Force Sight

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