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Here's more elaboration on why Revan might want him dead. He's the leader of the Echani, and the greatest of the Echani can predict the outcome of a battle before it starts. He fought alongside Revan, and has seen his true nature. Revan possibly did not want either of these used against him, plus the Echani are warriors.

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nah revan killed him becos revan believed he could cause political destabilisation of where ever the echani are from. Revan did so with many leaders of whom he thought could destabilise the regions they ruled in.


The Disciple will tell that and GOTO will hint it.



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gameplaywise: do you think they should add variation on the combat technique for other species.. I remember cany commenting on how the echani dance around in battle instead of fighting. and then you see handmaiden fight and mandalorians fight unarmed.. they look pretty the same.. it would be nice if the mandalorians used an aggresive attack basing in strength and blocks.. while the echani use dodge/deflect and couter-attack style.. prolly more throws..

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Different unarmed combat animations would be nice. But then again, so would be different animations for each of the lightsaber forms so, yeah. :-

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