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How can I put combat in slow motion?

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When my character is killed, she dies in slow motion. That tells me it's possible. I'd like combat to be in slow motion.


I searched the forums and didn't see anything. Is there an easy setting to change so that combat mode is in slow motion? I'm more concerned with having battles that look neat, so pausing a lot doesn't do what I'm after here. I'd then fight battles w/out pausing and watch the cool moves as they unfold.


Any help appreciated!

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I think that the slow motion at death is normal... I think I remember a slow motion variable in the preferences...

Yes, it's normal at death. I want slow motion to occur all the time during battles. Do you know how I can make that change?


I checked swkotor2.ini and swplayer.ini files, and saw nothing there as well. Any help appreciated!

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