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Question about unarmed combat

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None, only the Free Unarmed Fighting (seems logical)


Can also be the one you choose...

As I always have TWF and get 2 attacks (unarmed) each round..., don't know if that's also if you're using dueling-feats (just speculation though)


with max two weapon feat, you still only get one attack per round unarmed. like rifles...use master speed to improve that...dueling is the only feat tree that improves unarmed. :cool:

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At high levels I consider unarmed combat a cheat. Am I really to believe that an old woman's level 30 one-handed karate is more destructive than a lightsabre with a weak emitter?

Didn't you pay attention to Kreia's lessons? It's not about the brute force, it's about knowing the right spots to hit with the force you have. ;)

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