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Ravager = Star Destroyer?

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Oh yes. That. However, you left out a key word here and that is "observe". It's also important to note that it's just a theory, as we cannot observe it (that would ruin the entire point).

That is precisely the point. The cat needs to be observed to be once again under our concept of reality (that is, dead or alive). However, since the cat is in the box, it's safe to assume that it's still under our reality. That is a logical reasoning, which may or may not be suitable for this situation.


But anyway, that would only prove that logic isn't necessarily a constant of reality, which makes even more room for a God to exist outside logic, but within reality.



Sorry? Isn't that what I've been saying? That He wouldn't exist inside reality?

My bad.



Once again; huh? I've been saying more or less the exact opposite, that if He does exist, then our reality is not set in stone and true, because He would exist outside of it and therefore our reality would not be ultimate.

No. You are assuming that the logic of your reasoning is universally true. While the logic itself isn't flawed, there is no guarantee that it's enough to explain reality itself, or that reality ultimately responds to logic. Which takes us to the concept of reality once again. While our concept of reality might be flawed since it appears it doesn't necessarily obey to logic, it's just the concept that isn't ultimate, not reality itself.

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What the Jedi Council meant by ships with an Alien Design were the Sith Fighters. They were the only ships which the Star Forage made from scratch. The Leviathon is in fact a Republic Ship and Carth did serve on the Leviathon. And Star Destroyers are in fact Republic Ships. So overall speaking Republic used that design for thousands of years but never called them Star Destroyers until the near end of The Clone Wars. Hopefully that will settle everything.

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