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pc version sound files

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why do i only get static, are they encoded in some way, and if they are is there a way to decode them? ive got sound forge 7 so if its just a wierd way of playing them (faster/slower etc modulated) thats no problem.


please i really want some of the sound files to use as windows sound files...


"welcome to windows"

*plays hk-47 with his 'love is shooting a target in the knees at 150km etc etc' in the background*



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IF the files are formatted similarly to the one's in KotOR1, the following works:


1. Download the DB PowerAmp music converter

2. Backup audio files or copy them to another folder

3. Rename sound file(s) to have a .mp3 extension instead of .wav

4. Using PowerAmp, covert these files from MP3 to WAV format.

5. Double-click. They should play normally in whatever software you want.

6. *Optional* You can now convert the files back to MP3 format and play them normally as well.

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I guess I'll repost what I posted in another thread today:


This is an extract from my modding tools mini guide:


You can play the sound files located in the Streamwaves and streammusic folders with the Miles sound system


If you want to be able to listen to the files with basically any normal application such as window media player, sound recorder, etc. You can decompress the files with Miles sound tools (same url as above) and then save in a new folder.



Once decompressed with Miles sound tools, you can also edit sounds with the sound recorder or another sound file editing application such as Goldwave http://www.goldwave.com and implement them in the game.


You can open the sounds located in the Streamsounds folder with Goldwave: simply open the sound at a rate of 22050Hz and resave under the format you want.


There are also some sounds located in SWKotor/Data/sounds.bif: you can extract those sounds with Kotor tool.

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Simple way if you use Winamp.


Make a copy of your streammusic/audio folder, save someplace easy to remember.


Goto a command prompt:

Goto that directory.


Type: rename *.wav *.mp3


renames all the files at once.


Just don't do it to the original directory or you'll have a mess.

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Thx, Darth333 it works (I like your method more than renaiming from .wav to .mp3 'cause than you can play the music not only in Winamp, but in any music program). It also works with the first KotOR game. Oh, when I decompressed Bastilla's Theme... This music is beautiful! No words could describe it, u just have to hear it. There isn't any other theme that would touch me like that one and that is one of the reasons why I love KotOR. In KotOR II the most touching theme is "Jedi", but Bastilla's Theme is better, I love it...

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