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  1. get the miles sound tools and open your "stremmusic" folder in the kotor directory and select some of the files eg my fav new_mus_jedi.wav then select play , it plays at 11khz then select 44khz on the menu, and you have to listen to hear the difference... yes its there but in the middle of the game its not that important what i want now is some of the soundtrack in 4-channel midi format so i can use it as ringtones on my mobile id transcribe it myself but im not sure what instrument is used... thinking about it right now, i could find the instrument with finale transcribe facility,
  2. why do i only get static, are they encoded in some way, and if they are is there a way to decode them? ive got sound forge 7 so if its just a wierd way of playing them (faster/slower etc modulated) thats no problem. please i really want some of the sound files to use as windows sound files... "welcome to windows" *plays hk-47 with his 'love is shooting a target in the knees at 150km etc etc' in the background* classic
  3. are you sure it doesnt support multi-player... maybe its just another thing lucas arts didnt give obsidian time to fit in ... open your swkotor folder and open the file "swplayer.ini" the last 3 things are as follows: [server Options] Game Type=0 Server Name=Server Max Players=16 [server Options] Server Name=Server [server Options] Game Type=0 that looks like a multi player set up... i wonder
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