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Redemption Side Quest

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I search the forum and couldn't find this answer so forgive me if it's been answered. Anyway, on Dantooine after I talk to the Administrator and ask her do the citizens really hate Jedi. You're given a Side Quest to Redeem the Jedi's reputation. Does anyone know how to complete the Quest?

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Yeah i notice that one in my last game but did not know how to do it. I must have completed it without knowing on my other playthroughs or not asked why people hate the jedi.

Another great idea by the people who brought you beer milkshakes!


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This is what I got from the walkthrough I downloaded:


Go up and talk to the Administrator, Terena Adare. You just need to find out

about Vrook here, as well as get access to the Enclave Sublevels. You can

talk to her for more information as well. You might think that she gives you

a quest to get the people to like Jedi again, but it's really nothing. You

can't ever complete it (and I've only seen one person that you can talk to

about Jedi not being so bad: Berun).



So, I guess you will never be able to complete it.

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