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Best planet order?

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T3 is very effective against droids, always a good choice.


I think if you are playing a male character you are no going to care much about Dantooine since there is nothing there to pick up as a female character wants to pick Disciple fast.


Nar Shadda is also important if you want to pick up HK-47 since 2 pieces are there.


Korriiban is short, even with the "unknown tomb" its short and you can only get there if close to master to light or dark side so its pointless to go there before it so we can do it on one run.


Onderon is for Canderous, there is no much point in getting him since he have few lines and even if you get high influence with his you dont get much out of that effort.

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that's a good order. Mira solo is tough no matter what. (though easier as a jedi)


Nar Shadda (lightsaber, mira, GOTO)

Dantooie (kill Vrook o:) )

Korriban (experience)



The Mira sequence is only hard if you try to fight your way through, but you know what they say about living by the sword... :cool:



If you invest in some stealth point, you can just walk Mira to the exit and open the door. No fighting, no dying, no worries. Leave the killing to the guy/gal with the lightsaber :devil: .


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First time I played I've been on Korriban first, then Dantooine, Nar Shaddaa and Onderon and personnaly I think that order sucks since you got all your party member by the end of the game and that let you little time to get influence with them.


Now it's my fourth time and I do:


-Nar Shaddaa. The part with Mira in the Jekk Jekk tarr is pretty easy since I put all her skill in stealth (and pick the stealth cross class feat when I can) and keep a free stealth generator in my inventory so all I have to do is kill Hanharr and stealth pass the gards. I also keep a few skills for security since you can't bash doors in stealth.


-Dantooine. There I find the crystals I need for the lightsaber I made on Nar Shaddaa and find Disciple.


-Onderon. Find Mandalore.


-Korriban. This planet is really short and by that time of the game the PC should have enought XP to go throught all the things quite easily.


Hope that helps! o:)

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I prefer going to Nar Shaddaa first, because if you do that, you can assemble a lightsaber faster, assemble HK faster, and you can get away with not leveling Atton, just gain influence a couple of times and you almost immediately have a free Jedi Sentinel.


Good point about Atton, but you can assemble a lightsaber by only visiting Dantooine.


Umm. No. I know this because my current character has a lightsaber and I'm still ON Nar Shaddaa, which is the first planet I went to. If you are referring to focusing crystals, the immoral merchant on Telos usually has one, as do two merchants on the Nar Shaddaa landing pad area.


EDIT: Never mind. I misread your post. I thought you said 'you can only assemble a lightsaber by visiting Dantooine'.


Nar Shaddaa is definately the best. You get Mira/Hanharr, G0-T0(although I could care less about him), the last two parts for finishing HK-47, the parts to create a lightsaber(if you're lucky, before you meet Visas, because if you do, I think you get a free one when you meet her). Then Dxun/Onderon for Canderous and the entire party is complete. Then, I usually go to Dantooine for the Character Crystal(male, don't get Disciple). Last, Korriban 'to face my demons', and then finishing Onderon.

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I did things in a slightly oddball manner this time around. I went to Dantooine first (as usual) because I wanted to try changing the salvager's will this time. Naughty me, but it was the one DS thing I was willing to do... I just didn't want it to impact my LS points later on, hehe. Plus, I like the crystal caves & hey, who doesn't want their own pet rock, err, personal lightsaber crystal! Then I went to Nar Shaddaa but switched up & hit Dxun/Onderon AFTER the confrontation with the Red Eclipse. What can I say, I was getting tired of the big city & wanted a change of scenery. After all, I just adore the lovely pastoral landscape of Dxun! :- I'll be heading back to Onderon afterwards (currently on G0T0's yacht) & then off to Korriban, whee. <chuckle> Basically, I'd stick with the Dantooine-Nar Shadda-Onderon-Korriban order too(when not being intentionally goofy that is).

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