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Kotor Patch

since Obsidian is putting one out for the PC shouldn't one come out for the xbox?  

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  1. 1. since Obsidian is putting one out for the PC shouldn't one come out for the xbox?

    • yes
    • no
    • maybe
    • stupid poll and let the issue die

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OS options, perhaps? I don't know much on the subject, but can't X-Boxes use linux (does that require modding?), so I don't see why it couldn't be applied that way.


If it does require modding to use linux, maybe it could be done by modding the patch.

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Easy. OXM (Official Xbox Magazine) sends a demo disc out each month with their magazine. Granted, most of the time these discs just contain demos, but on occasions they have put download content on the disc. Examples: OXM provided new levels and areas for the original Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon. They have done this for numerous games and I'm sure anyone that subscribes to OXM could attest to it. Also, when K1 came out OXM wanted to put the Yavin download on their disc, but LA would not allow. My point is that if OXM can do it than OB/LA can as well.


I'm not pretending to know anything about making console games, but does a game have to be Live!/online enabled in order to accept new content? Is it something in the programming? Even if said content is received from a disc rather than through Live!? Anyone have a clue on this?

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I have a computer but I use it for school and work ( I write for a campus paper) having games on it is like giving an addict drugs, while on recovery.


Only if the computer is fairly old. By old I mean, 2-3 years, WITHOUT upgrading any of it. Thankfully, mine isn't 1 year old and my computer runs smoothly with several games.

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Its a console, not a poor man's PC.  Why should Microsoft allow them to patch the game.  They should have gotten it right the first time.


Actually, whether or not your X-Box is a poor man's PC depends totally on your willingness to mod it. I know and have seen X-Boxes that ran linux and had several standard PC apps running in them. Nothing like office software, but things that you wouldn't generally find on the average console.

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