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Random item merchants


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There have been quite a debate over random items in kotor 2


Some people like them (because it add replayability), some disagree (because it may unbalance the game)


I can live with them, although I recognize that some "special" treasure should be unique and to be found only at certain points. But having merchants with random inventory is somehow illogical. Why bother having merchants in the first place, when you could still have any random item for free in containers ? They should sell some hi quality gear that cannot be found anywhere else and always available (no random nonsense) to players with enough credits to spare.

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I've only ever bought crystals and even in KOTOR I only bought upgrade items (like beam splitters). Not much of a shopper..


The randomness dosnt make a huge difference to the gameplay. The weapon catagories are much wider in KOTOR than in say D&D (where random items can cause problems).


You might not get the "best stuff" every game, but you dont need it anyway and it's just a nice suprise to loot something and find a Nomi's robes or whatever especially when you are playing the game for the fourth time.

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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on my last playthrough I found zero power crystals in the entire game (not even in the crystal caves) all I could find in the way of crystals is colour crystals.... mind you I had 7 corillian power suits, 5 onasi blasters, and 2 circle of saresh's (not to mention many others that I sold or broke down almost as soon as I got them). I just think anything that can make it so that you can find no power crystals (without cheating that is) just shouldn't be used in a video game, atleast not the way it currently works anyway.

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I like the random item merchants. It's not every game that I get a robe from Peragus Station or the Harbinger so when I get to Sahman I save and reload till I get an appropriate robe.


But they get annoying sometimes. Like the Dobo bros, where you need to keep reloading to get the color crystal you want.

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