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Show stopper... CTD after returning from Onderon

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My specs...


P4 1.6GHz


Raydeon 9800 Pro

Catalyst 5.02 (with 4.11 openGL file in the KOTOR director)

DirectX 9.3c

Windows XP

Soundblaster Audigy


Nature of the problem... I get CTDed after returning to DXUN from Onderon when everyone starts to attack you and trying to return to the Ebon Hawk. I can't go with the guide and I can't walk there either. Both are CTDed.


Tried to disable sound, various ini file fixes, uninstall, reinstall, low res, high res, etc. No joy. I cannot progress in the game unless I get back to the Ebon Hawk.

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I say this with trepidation and I know this advice is standard, but when I was running into this problem, I defragged my disk. Actually, I started to defrag my disk after almost every save. Now I don't know if this was just superstitious behavior, but the problem rarely repeated itself. It might had nothing to do with the defrag, but maybe going in and out of the game. For better or worse, those cut scenes create a lot of snap, crackly pop on my monitor as it busts into and out of video mode. I don't think it was wise to pile so many on top of each other. Anyway, maybe this will help.

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Some further attempts, but with no luck.


Catalyst 4.11 - Nope

Catalyst 4.12 - Nope

Reinstall DirectX 9.3c - Nope

Latest Bink player - Nope


It almost looks like the game is trying to play a movie, but fails. After talking to the guide or walking to the Ebon Hawk, it cuts to a black screen (no load screen art or bar) and I can still move my cursor before it crashes.

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