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How do you make NPCs Jedi?

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Who are the best people to train as Jedi?


Everyone is better as a Jedi, heh, but you cna leave them as non jedi if you'd prefer. Handmaiden and Atton do make great Jedi though. You need to be level 15 or 18 to turn Handmaiden (after three sparring matches), and you just need to talk to those Twi'lek's to change Atton. You do, of course, need the influence still.

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Who are the best people to train as Jedi?


My suggestions:


They all have their strengths and weaknesses. For the most part, you're probably going to want to pump up their WIS (more important) and CHR scores, since they aren't too strong in those departments.


Handmaiden, with her soldier class and Jedi Guardian class, makes an excellent melee fighter, although won't have too many force points, unless you give her some more WIS enhancements. Use whatever you want in her saber.


Atton can actually be a good melee fighter. I'd stop levelling him up at L7 or L9 Scoundrel, and then invest in some incapacitating powers (Fear / Horror / Insanity or Stun / Stasis / Stasis Field) as well as the Speed tree, once you turn him into a Jedi Sentinel. For feats, max out the Critical Strike tree. With this combination of speed, debilitation, and his sneak attack (from his Scoundrel levels), he can dish out a surprising amount of damage. Having two lightsabers, each stacked with Keen upgrades (Nextor crystals, improved beam gem lenses) and maxing out his critical strike and two weapon fighting, makes him very deadly.



If you can turn Atton into a Jedi before he faces the Twin Suns, the battle is remarkably easy.



Bao-Dur won't get much in the way of help from his old class, except for the skills. He becomes a Jedi Guardian, and can't wear robes or the Jedi armors. I'd invest in the Flurry tree of feats, as well as two weapon fighting, and give him a double bladed lightsaber loaded with damage enhancing goodies (Pontite Lens, etc). With his skills already pretty high from his Tech Specialist class, you should be able to make some nice upgrades.


Mira is rather physically weak, but has a good DEX, so once you turn her into a Sentinel, you'll want to invest in the lightsaber finese feat, in addition to the flurry feats. Upgrade her lightsaber with damage enhancing goodies, and give her the Force Speed powers. Invest in WIS.


Disciple's stats are, IIRC, similar to Handmaiden's, so his soldier class will give a good foundation for combat, but he becomes a Jedi Consular. Invest in WIS and CHR, as well as the buffing powers (Valor, Armor, Improved energy resistance, Battle Meditation) and put him on Jedi Support. Use whatever you want in his lightsaber.

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Attons incredibly effective with force wave and a pair of blasters.


Because everything is stunned they take full sneak attack damage. You can also act as "stunner" and just let him finish up. This works well as a consular when you dont want force storm overkill.


So dont be too worried if he's 20+ as a smuggler when you awaken him. It's all good in the end , just different.

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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