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I'm dissapointed

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you're confusing, Volourn


DSLuke, you know why else I'm mad at Lucas Arts? They're not making Episode 3 game for PC! The game looks awesome :o

I agree with that.


I really wanted to kick Obi Wan's arse by playing Anakin. :(

And by the light of the moon

He prays for their beauty not doom

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I never got the choice of choosing if Revan was a girl or a boy, when was that??




When you first talk to Atton while he's still locked up. You discuss Revan's history, and set all of those variables based on how you answer and correct him.


Also, if you notice that you're missing NPCs' portions of the dialogs, you've run into a bug. Just save, exit, and come back in the game. You should be able to see the NPCs' responses then. Also, if this happens you can see everything they said in the messages history.

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