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The language spoken by Nihilius can be Sith Language...


According with the SW storyline, Sith was the name of the race that inhabit the planet where the first fallen Jedi land...


Race that interbreed with Human Jedi, and give Birth an a new "subrace"...


Falling in the path of Dark Side, Nihilius may have uncover this knowledge, and begin to speak that language as an act of faith toward Dark Side...

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The force has a will, and the Exile is a void of the force...


If the force is all life and the force is all death... then the force would need to rectify that void.


Void = Nothingness = Nihilsm


See the picture, the void that the exile created, spawned Nihilis and created a chain reaction, of the force being "sucked" away throught he void (Nihilis's hunger

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i know hes a sith lord, but what species is he? he i talking some alienish language so i wanted to know what species he is. can anyone answer that?



"A man. Just a man."


Blue lorry yellow lorry blue lorry yellow lorry blorry. D'oh.

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