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One other question and sorry for changing the topic


HK-47 says that he can unlock the voice controlled security console on the Ebon Hawk...I get influence,talk to him,find out all there is to find(on and off influence checks) until I can`t learn nothing more from him...here comes the bad part..although he stated who was his previous master(muahaha..just guess!!) he suddenly won`t remember when I ask him to simulate his voice to actually open it


So far HK suffers 2 losses(rushed game,heh)

1.Sonic emitter never will be activated since the HK factory isn`t on PC

2.Strange loop somewhere in the middle of his conversation AND the sudden amnesiac HK when it comes to unlock that thing(he CAN simulate voices by his free well NOT pre-recorded hihi)


Bad bad LA...BAD!!!!

Best character in game RUINED!!

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